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fleet vehicles washed by royal blue power washing in kansas city, missouri

Expert Commercial Fleet Washing Services in Kansas City, MO

How your fleet looks out on the road represents your company’s image. If your fleet is dirty, your image will be less than it could be. Clean, well-maintained vehicles make a statement. Proof can be seen daily when you see some of the major corporation’s vehicles traveling down the road. For example, outside of nasty weather, most UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and Walmart trucks are clean every time you see them. There is a reason. Those companies understand the importance of a great looking fleet. Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. provides professional fleet washing services for our commercial and industrial customers. Your image is important to us, and we consider it an honor to keep your fleet looking its best.

Commercial Vehicle Power Washing

We have customers that like us to come to their lot or facility and wash the vehicles when they are not in use. That could mean over a weekend or after hours. Our professional power washing equipment is mobile, enabling us to bring our service to you instead of the other way around. We will bring our own if water is unavailable on your site. Our goal is to make it super easy for you to have clean vehicles. We’ll wash them all on your lot when you want us to wash them. It is hard enough to find good employees these days. We understand that too. We understand that you may not have the help available to wash and maintain the appearance of your fleet. That is why we offer this service and other professional pressure washing services to our commercial and industrial customers.

a fleet of commercial vehicles being cleaned by royal blue power washing in kansas city mo.

The Benefits of Power Washing Your Commercial Fleet

Any commercial vehicle with a logo is being judged. A clean company vehicle is an extension of your company’s marketing efforts. It says, “we’re professionals.” Having dirty vehicles out on the roadway says just the opposite. Not to mention what it says about your culture. If your team is allowed to drive around in a dirty truck, they, too, aren’t operating at full potential. A clean environment is a productive environment. Clean vehicles lead to a better company image every time. Plus, by keeping your commercial vehicles clean, they will look better longer. Professional fleet cleaning services from Royal Blue Power Washing is a solid investment that will pay for itself in lower maintenance costs and higher resale value when you trade vehicles in. We’re a phone call away. Contact us if you would like to discuss the advantages further.