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A before and after photo of siding cleaned on a residential home in Kansas City, MO by power washing experts at Royal Blue Power Washing.

How Long Does it Take to Power Wash a Home?

If you’ve never had your home’s siding power washed, it can be impossible to estimate how much time it would take to get the job done. Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. has years of experience providing exterior cleaning and restoration services to homes in Kansas City, MO, and is here to help you determine how long it would be to power wash your home. While there are many factors to consider with every job, we are proud to provide standard power washing services and eco-friendly solutions to each one of our clients. Keep reading to estimate how long our crew would need to clean your home’s exterior!

Square Footage

One of the major factors that play a part in the length of your power washing service is the square footage of your home. It’s no surprise that a 4,000-square-foot home would take much longer to clean than a 2,000-square-foot property. If your home in Kansas City, MO is two stories or features many architectural crevasses; you can expect these differences to add to your estimated timeframe. Before scheduling a power washing service, get an estimate from a professional company like Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. One of our technicians will inspect the size and shape of your home to give you an accurate time of how long it will take to complete the job.

Number of Cleaners

A power washing technician in Kansas City, MO using commercial equipment to power wash a concrete driveway for a residential home.

Once your home’s square footage is accounted for, a specific number of cleaners will be assigned to your property for maximum efficiency. Many of our residential power washing services include anywhere from 1-3 power washing experts per property; this can affect how quickly your job is completed. At Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. in Kansas City, MO, we ensure professional cleaners on every job and work with each client to customize a power washing service based on their needs. Regardless of the number of cleaners we utilize for your exterior cleaning, we guarantee to provide fast and efficient services that restore the look and feel of your home.


Depending on how clean your home is will determine the amount of time it may take to restore your siding or brick exterior. Homes that have yet to be maintained often have deep-set grime and stains that are guaranteed to require more attention from our power washing equipment. Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. in Kansas City, MO uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions and surface treatments, which are designed to break down the dirt and bacteria covering your siding or brick. One of our technicians will inspect your home’s exterior to determine if it needs any extra care or if more serious treatments are needed. Plan on having our team work anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the type of buildup or algae growth. To receive a specific timeframe for our power washing services for your home, contact us for a project estimate.

Power Washing Equipment

A Royal Blue Power Washing commercial truck hauling professional power washing equipment to a residential home for concrete cleaning services in Kansas City, MO.

Depending on the type of power washing company you choose, it’s important to ensure they have quality equipment to handle every surface. At Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc., we are proud to have access to high-quality manufacturers that supply us with modern power washing equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for our customers. All our equipment has the ability to adjust the pressure needed for hard or soft surfaces; this is essential to the safety and preservation of your wood, siding, concrete, or brick. When you choose our team for your exterior power washing services, you can guarantee the best equipment possible to speed up our estimated timeline. Contact us today at 816.298.4649 to schedule your annual power washing service.

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