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A collage of power washing projects conducted by Royal Blue Power Washing for homes in Kansas City, MO.

Professional VS. DIY Power Washing

Power washing is one of the easiest ways to enhance the look of your property while keeping your exterior clean and healthy. Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. has been the leading choice for homeowners in Kansas City, MO for several years, offering everything from exterior home power washing to deck and fence cleaning. However, when it’s time to clean your property’s hard surfaces, many homeowners opt for DIY cleaning and rental power washing equipment to get the job done. Unfortunately, this may cause more damage than it can help. If you’re deciding on professional power washing services or taking up the job yourself, read our blog to see which route you should take to restore your property.

Professional Power Washing

Our team members at Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. are considered professionals for a reason. The start of our company relied on experience with commercial power washing equipment, years of services and community outreach, and trained professionals who are certified in power washing. If you’re leaning towards power washing your home with store-bought cleaning solutions and equipment, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons for hiring an industry expert that is essential to know before getting started.


There are several pros to hiring a professional power washing company to clean your home, driveway, or deck. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure the safety of your property while being guaranteed high-quality results. Professional companies often have the same tools, cleaning solutions, and experienced staff needed to complete the job. Depending on the type of surface that needs cleaning, a certain pressure level must be used to prevent damage while getting every piece of dust, dirt, and grime off your surface. All in all, choosing a certified team of experts is the best way to achieve quality power washing results.

  • Professionals Offer Insurance in Case of Injuries or Damage.
  • Professionals Eliminate Contaminants from Your Property.
  • Professionals Know How to Care for Your Hard Surfaces.
  • Professionals Examine Your Exterior for Repairable Damages.


A before and after image of the exterior brick of a residential home in Kansas City, MO that has been power washed by Royal Blue.

Choosing a power washing company can have cons if homeowners have not researched a company before booking its service. Some power washing teams claim to be experts when, actually, they are friends of someone you know and have their own store-bought equipment. Not doing enough research to spot the red flags of a company can be a major downfall, leaving you with high expenses and unimpressive results. The last thing you want is poor work from a power washing company, so make sure to do a quick google search and examine a company’s website before proceeding.

  • It Can Be Hard to Find a Company You Can Trust.
  • Some Companies Have Hard-to-Spot Red Flags.
  • You Could End Up with Damages or Poor Work.

DIY Power Washing

Let’s face it; there’s nothing like tackling a good ole fashion DIY project. If you’re a hands-on kind of homeowner, your initial solution for cleaning your home’s exterior may be to power wash it yourself. It’s not uncommon to see your neighbor using their store-bought or rented power washing equipment and cleaning their driveway or wooden deck. While it may seem like a cost-effective and satisfying project, power washing can be a tricky and difficult task to take on if you don’t have professional experience. Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. is the leading power washing company in Kansas City, MO and is here to give you some pros and cons of choosing DIY over professional exterior cleaning services. If you’re convinced that professional power washing is the way to go, call us at 816.298.4649 to schedule a service.


Many homeowners are convinced that performing DIY services on their homes is cheaper, more rewarding, and easier than hiring a professional to get the job done. While many DIY projects can be a fun way to care for your home, power washing is a specialized service that is better left to the professionals. However, if you’re still ready to tackle your DIY power washing project, these benefits can be worthwhile for Kansas City, MO homeowners.

  • Not Too Costly to Rent Power Washing Equipment.
  • You Have Control Over the Project’s Outcome.
  • Can Be Good for Small Projects.


One of the major cons of DIY power washing projects is the high likelihood of causing damage to your home or yourself. One wrong move from your power washing equipment could cause serious injuries to your hands or feet, crack the siding of your home, or damage the wood of your deck or fence. Not only this, but it could cost you more money and time than you initially wanted to put into the project. Smaller projects like cleaning your driveway may turn into hours of figuring out how to operate the equipment, safely apply cleaning products, and ensure the job is well done. Instead of wasting precious time, effort, and money, you should reach out to your local experts at Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc.

  • Can Become Expensive If Done Improperly.
  • You Can End Up Damaging Your Home or Yourself.
  • Many Homeowners End Up With Less than Quality Results.
  • DIY Power Washing Can Cost Significant Time, Effort, & Money.
  • You Can Harm Your Siding or Hard Surfaces With Harsh Chemicals.
  • Controlling Power Washing Equipment is Difficult Without Training.

Hire Royal Blue Power Washing in Kansas City, MO

A before and after image of a residential home that has had its siding professionally power washed by Royal Blue in Kansas City, MO.

When hiring a professional power washing company for your home in Kansas City, MO, Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. is the only choice for high-quality, affordable results. Our team is trained in using commercial power washing equipment and cleaning solutions and is experienced in restoring any exterior surface. Our locally owned company is proud to be the #1 choice for homeowners in Missouri, thanks to our excellent customer service and proven results that have lasting benefits. So whether your brick home needs a thorough cleaning or your concrete driveway is covered in dirt and grime, Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. is here to create personalized power washing services that meet the needs of your home. Contact us today to schedule your upcoming service.

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