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Reliable Gutter Cleaning Professionals

Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. provides other related services for our customers. One of those services is gutter cleaning. Finding someone to clean out your gutters is tough. For starters, it’s really dangerous. Thousands of people get hurt every year trying to clean out their gutters. Another issue is that it’s really messy. What to do with that stinky, slimy gunk that comes from the gutters? Then, what do you do with the slime left behind? We’ll clean your gutters out, then get them really cleaned out with our equipment. We can also clean the outside of the gutters as part of a house wash. Call for a quote on professional gutter cleaning services in Kansas City.

Deck & Fence Washing

Power washing a wood deck or fence on your own involves some risk. Will you damage the wood? If you damage the wood, can you repair it without replacing a board that won’t match the others? Royal Blue Power Washing has a reputation for making decks look amazing by bringing them back to life. Our process starts with a professional pressure wash. If we are refinishing the surface, we will then prep it. After the prep, we will stain or repaint the surface and make it look fantastic. Typically our deck and fence revitalization is done over several days. We don’t rush the process. After we power wash your deck or fence, we want to ensure it dries completely before we begin the next steps. Please call for an estimate. If you can give us the dimensions and a photo, we can get you an accurate quote. Plus, we’ll take care of the parts of the house that are connected by taping them off and making sure there is no overspray or damage. Give us a call, and we can discuss bringing your deck back to life.

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Deck Staining

Whether you have a front porch or a small deck in your backyard, Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. in Kansas City, MO is here to offer quality deck staining to restore your wood surfaces! You know firsthand that keeping your deck in great condition is essential to prevent pests and even bacteria from forming on or below the surface. Whether you’re wanting a restored deck for spending time with friends and family this summer or you’re looking to sell your home and want the exterior in perfect shape, you can rely on our team to get the job done right the first time. We work with a variety of deck staining brands including Valspar, Benjamin Moore, and Cabot to give you a solid and weatherproofed stain. Schedule a free consultation and ask about our staining products today!

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Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning

Anyone can spray a driveway or sidewalk down. It will look good while it’s wet. But is it clean? Better yet, is it going to stay clean? We use professional equipment so we can give you professional results. We don’t just spray the concrete. Instead, we use a professional piece of equipment that has a powered brush that’s constantly moving and scrubbing while a mix of water and an environmentally safe solution soaks the surface. This changes everything. Instead of adding some water to a dirty surface, we literally remove the top level of grime to get back to the concrete. Then, once it’s all dried, you can have us come back and seal the driveway if you would like. Once that is done, the rain will help keep the surface clean throughout the year. We get concrete driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, steps, and patios really clean. Let us prove it to you.