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Your #1 Commercial Power Washing & Vehicle Cleaning in Kansas City, Missouri

For any business, it is essential that your building or vehicle is giving a clean and welcoming image to potential clients. You can rely on Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. to provide dependable commercial power washing services so that your business can thrive. Our company has years of experience in cleaning, and power washing for Kansas City, Missouri’s local small businesses. We have a hardworking team of trained experts that take pride in providing customer satisfaction every time. We offer a variety of services that will have your business looking flawless in no time! Call us today at (816) 298-4649 for a FREE ESTIMATE on your next commercial power washing service!

Royal Blue Power Washing offers top-notch industrial power washing services, catering to a diverse range of commercial and industrial clients with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Our experienced team is well-versed in handling various types of projects, including building exteriors, warehouse floors, loading docks, parking lots, and heavy machinery cleaning. We also provide exceptional fleet washing services to maintain the pristine appearance of your company vehicles and enhance your brand image.

Understanding the importance of regular maintenance for commercial and industrial properties, Royal Blue Power Washing is pleased to offer discounted maintenance plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. By investing in our maintenance plans, businesses can ensure the consistent cleanliness of their facilities, prolong the lifespan of their assets, and promote a safe and visually appealing environment for both employees and customers.

Choose Royal Blue Power Washing for all your industrial power washing requirements and benefit from our commitment to delivering outstanding results, combined with the cost savings of our customized maintenance plans.

an industrial structure before and after a commercial power washing by royal blue power washing in kansas city mo

Your Business Deserve a Clean & Professional Look!

Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality & affordable commercial power washing services for your company in Kansas City, Missouri.

We provide FREE ESTIMATES to our clients in the Kansas City, MO area. Fill out the contact box to the right and we will contact you ASAP!

Commercial Power Washing Services

Royal Blue Power Washing, Inc. in Kansas City, MO is your power washing expert. Managing a building can be a tough job if you are busy or don’t know where to even begin. Our technicians are trained and certified in power washing and can help make your business’s building something to be proud of. Dirt, grime, dust, pollen, and more can ruin the image of your business. Our top-of-the-line power washing machines can tackle any hard-to-reach areas removing anything that does not belong in your building. We can provide commercial power washing services to the businesses below and more:

Office Buildings


Retail Stores

Gas Stations

Parking Garages


Shopping Centers / Malls


Why Power Washing is Beneficial for Your Business

Your business’s image is crucial to your success. If your business’s brick or siding is in rough shape, it gives a bad first impression. Power washing your business can help our building look clean and welcoming for your clients. At Royal Blue Power Washing we provide the Kansas City, Missouri area with remarkable commercial power washing services so you never have to worry about dirt again. Listed below are a few benefits that are guaranteed when you choose our power washing services:

Creates Better Curb Appeal

Removes & Prevents Stains

Removes Tough Grime, Mildew, & Dirt

Saves Your Time

Extends the Life of Your Exterior

Creates a Healthier & Cleaner Environment